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The Shantarsky islands

Shantarsky islands are located in Tuguro-Chumikansky region in the southeastern part of the Okhotsk sea. The islands have a mountain landscape with the sharp mountaintops. The mountains are covered with coniferous forest and grass. There are many rivers and streams, flowing down from the mountains, forming the hundreds of waterfalls from 10 up to 100 meters height.

There are a great variety of capes, rocks that remind birds, animals and people. There is Yakishn bay in the southern part of the Large Shantar Island, and it is the only bay on the Large Shantar. The coast is rocky. Average temperature in January is -20,6°C, in July +12,9°C. Water temperature changes from -1,8°C in winter up to +9-14°C in summer. There are strong tide water currents. Half-daily size of tide is up to 10 meters. Ice cover can be seen in the end of October up to the middle of June, sometimes till August - September.

There are nestling-places of Cepphus carbo, Lunda cirrhata, Fratercula corniculata, Phalacrocorax pelagicus and various kinds of seagull. Ornithological complex is represented by more than 200 kinds of birds, including 30 kinds registered in the Red book of the Russian Federation. There are also rookeries of walrus and other sea animals. Water fauna is represented by 35 kinds of fish: Salmon mykiss, Salvelinus lrucomaenis, Oncorhynchus keta, Osmerus mordax dentex etc.

Since 1997 the territory of archipelago became the reserve of the federal level. The total area makes 515,5 thousands hectares, 273,1 thousands hectares of them are the Okhotsk sea water area.

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