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Vyacheslav Shport

Khabarovsky Krai Governor

Business people, both now and always, are characterized by the drive for novelty, ability to assess risks; they are blessed with the vision. Russian Far East is the right place for using these qualities. The pioneering spirit is still alive here as well as the thrill of success.
Pioneer spirit helps to build the world best aircraft in Khabarovsky Krai, produce high quality gold, make marine steel and build domed stadiums. As this takes place, it is obvious that Khabarovsky Krai residents take care of its unique nature. One can enjoy the view of a silver fir tree entwined with wild grape in the Far East Taiga forest and the world largest Siberian tigers. It is the place where the lucky fisherman can catch the fabulous taimen (the Siberian salmon) in the crystal clear mountain creek.
The region boasts rich mineral resources. There are 118 minerals, including coal, platinum, tin and gems. There are explored oil and gas fields.
Khabarovsky Krai is a region with dynamic economy and stable socio-economic climate. More than 600 foreign investment businesses and organizations operate in Khabarovsky Krai. Khabarovsky Krai’s permanent business and technology partners are companies from China, USA, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and European Union.
The structure of overseas investment in Khabarovsky Krai indicates that European businesses invested almost three times more than businessmen from our neighboring countries – Southeast and Northeast Asia. However, one cannot help but see the steadily growing economic ties with Asia Pacific region countries.
The transport routes from Asia to Europe and America cross Khabarovsky Krai. “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean” oil mainline and “Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok” gas mainline will be finalized and cross Khabarovsky Krai as well as rail, air and water routes.
The Russian Federation Government endorsed the construction of the special seaport economic zone in Khabarovsky Krai. It is the first transport and industrial hub with unique economic opportunities in the Russian Federation. The hub is planned to be built in the vicinity of Sovetskaya Gavan seaport. The nascent special seaport economic zone will give an impetus for development of new mineral, energy, industry and transport infrastructure projects, as well as consumer goods production projects and services for residents of Khabarovsky Krai.
One can find Khabarovsky Krai investment projects at this website. We are open for new forms of cooperation. We will persist in creating new business opportunities in the region.
We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation.
Welcome to the beautiful and promising land of Khabarovsky Krai.